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Sorry, Faye, bby. I’ve been neglecting you </3

But I’ve lost you lately. I’m feeling nice, so I think I’ll stick with Cleo for a few more days until I get Faye back. I’ll be checking back here and shiz daily.

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— Okay, pointless rant time.

I don’t care who you ship, but you cannot ship (Going to use Fayana for this, just because it happened recently.) Hayley and Diana, or any character Phoebe & Shelley have played(besides Faye & Diana) and proceed to call it ‘Fayana’. No. It doesn’t work that way, You make up a new ship name and do it that way. You obviously ship the actors, not the characters. Keep it that way. It’s so annoying when you fill up a tag wanting a certain ship, when your character isn’t even a part of it. Gawsh. <.<

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— Because this will be me when I finally get a job.

Just got a history lesson of Tokyo because a random video started playing somewhere and I couldn’t find it to turn it off.

Their acting in the first episode is so bad. omfg.

My entertainment is set for the rest of the night.
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